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Dear Parents,

If you attended the Back-to-School Night “Coffee with the Principal” presentation, you know that your new PATT presidents are on a mission to have shade structures built on our school grounds. We have been making tremendous efforts towards that end. However, the cost is hundreds of thousands of dollars due largely to state regulatory barriers. There is a new Bill (SB515) before the state legislature that would remove red tape and administrative barriers to help accelerate the construction of playground shading and reduce the cost of construction dramatically.

There is an urgent opportunity now to make sure that this SB515 becomes a law. If you want to support these efforts, please cut and paste the letter below, and email it to Gov. Newsom. You can delete the “Optional” section if you don’t have time or wish to add custom language.

THE DEADLINE IS TOMORROW, Wednesday, September 13, 2023. This letter is being provided by LAUSD Board Member, Nick Melvoin.

Please email the letter to with the subject line: Request for Signature: SB 515 (Stern) School Facilities: Shade Structures. Please send a copy to

Thank you all for your support.

Lilly Hill

PATT Co-President

Dear Governor Newsom,

As the parent of a Los Angeles Unified School District student, I write in strong support of SB 515 (Stern) School facilities: shade structures, an important bill that will make it easier for school districts to build affordable, heat reducing, shade structures on school campuses.

(Optional: Insert 2-3 sentences about your child’s/children’s personal experience with extreme heat at school.)

Last year, the legislature recognized extreme heat as a serious and urgent threat and called on state agencies and departments to invest resources in increasing resilience to extreme heat.

Shading is one additional tool in the greening arsenal that can make schools safer, healthier, more sustainable, and more resilient. Schoolyard shade structures can reduce the heat island effect and bring down ambient heat by 15 degrees altogether safeguarding children’s physical and mental health and promoting educational progress.

SB 515 (Stern) streamlines the construction and approval process for installing schoolyard shade structures to address specific regulatory barriers that have made constructing low cost shade structures prohibitively expensive. This bill will accelerate the installation timeline and reduce construction costs so that schools can quickly improve outdoor play and learning environments for children.

Climate change and global warming have made it more difficult for children to reap the benefits of schoolyard activities. It is time to cut the red tape and embrace common sense climate solutions that provide students with access to greener, more resilient schoolyards and lasting protection from extreme heat.

For these reasons, I urge your signature on SB 515 (Stern).


Parent Name

Woodland Hills Elementary Charter for Enriched Studies

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