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Greetings ‘Class of 2023’ Parents! 

Welcome back to school! As we mentioned back in June, we have amazing traditions at our school to make their last year, a very special year. In addition to instruction in the class, some lessons are augmented by an overnight trip to an adventure camp that teaches science, outdoor education, and leadership. This year also includes painting their own tiles as a visual expression of themselves for future students. Plus, community events that our school hosts. 

Though PATT fundraises for all grades, we ask for a special donation of $700 per student to fund all costs associated with the amazing trip listed above. These funds are also used in conjunction with fundraising events throughout the year to fund our culmination ceremony, tiles, and other 5th-grade events. 

We are your 5th Grade Co-Chairs, a designated team focused on funding 5th grade needs and events. We'll organize fundraisers during the year to make sure we’ve got everything covered for our students. Below is a sampling of events. We look forward to your support and participation. 

5th Grade Student Events/Activities: 

  • Pali Institute Sleepover Camp (San Bernardino Mountains) 

  • Tile Wall Art (Creation/Collection/Installation) 

  • Softball Game: 5th Grade (at WHECES) 

  • Culmination (at WHECES) 


We’d love to meet as many 5th grade parents as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at (and please add this email to your trusted email list). We’ll be sure to stay in touch with updates this school year. We'll also need volunteers to help at various events and would love to have as much participation as possible from our fifth grade community; thank you in advance for your help. 

Here’s to a great year! 

Fifth Grade Class of 2023, co-chairs 

Danielle Hastie, Marci Martyn & Tracy Porter 

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