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Parents and Teachers Together

Parents And Teachers Together (PATT) is a non-profit association of parents, teachers, and staff of Woodland Hills Elementary School. The specific purpose of PATT is the planning, funding, and operation of supplemental educational programs to enrich the curriculum of basic education offered to the students of WHES. PATT conducts various fundraising activities throughout the year to support programs such as the computer lab, the coach, the art program, classroom aides, buses for field trips, school beautification, counseling, tutoring, and classroom supplies.

The programs provided and supported by PATT are not currently funded by the LAUSD. The programs provided by PATT are made available to every student enrolled in Woodland Hills Elementary School on an equal basis.

Our Fundraising

Teacher Supplies

Providing essential equipment to Teachers, so that they may effectively teach our children.

School Beautification

Preparing for the time that families will be returning to our Campus, and maintaining pride in our amazing school and neighborhood.

Technology Manager

Providing students with updated technology support and technical troubleshooting.

Counselors & Tutors

Filling the gap and providing support where needed.

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