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Dear WHECES Families, We are truly at the finish line for this school year, and we know many of you are thinking about summer camp, sitting poolside, or basking in the sun, but we have one more very important thing to share with you before you slip into that summer vacation! We hope that you will read this message and help the school out one more time in preparation for the next school year. Yes, we are already thinking about it and preparing for it! :)

Our school's Instructional Coordinator, Dawn Garcia, is leading a project to upgrade our school library, but time is of the essence! She is hoping to garner enough funds through a Teacher-to-Community website called Donors Choose to update our school library with flexible seating for our kids by the beginning of the next school year!

To ensure our library gets this much-needed facelift in time, we NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT BY JULY 4TH! Our Donors Choose project is up and running and can be found here: This is an "all or nothing" project, which must be fully funded in order to receive the items listed for the library.

Click BELOW to view our PROJECT VIDEO

The total cost of this project is $15,465.94. We know this is a big ask and we know that some of you have already graciously donated, so we are doing something to sweeten the pot to entice everyone to donate! While this project will accept any donation great or small, we will be hanging a Dedication Plaque in the updated library acknowledging any contribution of $250, $500, or $1000 with the larger donations receiving greater prominence. This plaque will remain in the library for years to come, and will be a lasting reminder of your generosity!

Keep in mind that ANYONE can donate, so to get more donors please share the following link with friends, family, local businesses, and neighbors to help out. Please also share widely on social media, so our kids can thrive in this new, multi-use flexible-seating space!

We need all hands on deck to make this a success! Thank you all for a great school year and here's to another bright and beautiful year ahead! For any questions regarding the project, please contact Ms. Garcia at:

Sincere and Warmest Regards,

Kim Sumner and Cynthia Kirchner, Library Project Co-Chairs and Fellow Parents at WHECES

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