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HERO Campaign: Battle of the Classrooms!

Dear WHECES Parents,

The HERO campaign is going strong but we're still a ways away from reaching our goal of $100,000 (but we'd really love to hit the $150,000 mark!!!!) and we need your help...AND we've decided to announce our first contest of the year (drumroll please!):


That's right...we're having a contest to see which classroom can reach 100% participation in our school's biggest fundraiser. We have set up tiers so that the more you donate, the more goodies you get AND, most importantly, the more our school benefits. We also have payment options so you can donate in 3-, 6-, and 10-month installments...every dollar counts, and we'd really appreciate as much support as possible. Each class that hits 100% participation will have one (1) student representative who gets to slime Mrs. Desiderio at our next school assembly. That's right...Mrs. Desiderio is getting slimed! For our school! In front of everyone! Because she loves our students that much! Simply donate by going to: You may also donate via Venmo to patt-team but please reference "HERO", your child's name, and teacher's name in "comments." If using Venmo, I MUST have a completed form (located on the link above), which you can email to me at or drop off in the "HERO" basket in the office. If you have ANY questions, please contact me at

Thank you and thank you for Helping Education Remain Outstanding!!

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