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Back to School Night & PATT Meeting

We are looking forward to seeing you at the back to school night and our first PATT Meeting for this year.

5th-Grade Meeting

At 5:15 pm

Zoom Meeting ID: 434 309 0681

Passcode: WHECES2022.

New English Learners Meeting

At 5:30 pm

Zoom meeting details provided to families attending

Back to School Night

At 6:00 pm

Zoom meeting details provided by teachers for each class

PATT Meeting

At 7:15 pm - Immediately after Back to School Night

Zoom Meeting ID: 838 8932 3060

Passcode: 336231


Class Roster Collection

Please click on the link below to fill out the Class Roster Form If you haven't done so already. The class roster ensures that you receive all pertinent information about your child's class and school-wide events.

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